In my current role with Software2, I have sole ownership over digital marketing, with my regular output and responsibilities as follows:

Content creation, copywriting, and distribution

  • Strategy and execution of B2B blog campaigns, including advanced methodologies such as pillar pages and topic clusters.
  • Keyword/market research using tools, such as SEMrush, AHREFs and Google Search Console to identify topics for blog content.
  • A focus on multiple, global markets, including: US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, DACH, Norway, Sweden, Spain, etc.
  • Creating content briefs adhering to keyword research, as well as writing the copy itself for those briefs.
  • Management of supplier/freelance relationships to produce meaningful content, then editing for optimal SEO performance, on-brand messaging, and authoritative positioning.
  • Enacting market research using surveys and other tools to identify market needs and intent.
  • Crafting copy for product, solution and general website pages to communicate benefit statements in compelling ways that convert.
  • Using my graphic design experience to produce visual content such as infographics.
  • Working with partners/suppliers to create all other formats of content, such as testimonial videos, product teasers, new version releases, etc.
  • Distribution of content throughout all channels to maximise impressions and engagement, including internal syndication to help keep sales and marketing aligned
  • Ownership of communication channels to ensure tone-of-voice is maintained and adding value at every touch point.
  • Managing collaborative/supplier relationships for linkbuilding, guest content, and promotion.

Technical SEO, website UX

  • Total ownership over all aspects of
  • Highly proficient with technical and non-technical SEO.
  • Ownership of SEO strategy and supplier relationships
  • Regular careful monitoring of SEO tools to ensure site ‘health’ and performance are optimal
  • Adept in web UX and expectation, responsibly for designing, specifying and project managing continuous website developments to stay ahead of trends and competition
  • Biannual full website refresh (£20k – £40k), annual major update (£10k – £20k), quarterly minor update (<£10k)
  • Design of new features to contribute to improved rankings, engagement, conversions, etc

Analytics & reporting

  • Using analytics and reporting tools evaluate content performance, identify high-ROI actions and implement them into processes/workflows.
  • Using built reports to present data internally at board level for a number of purposes, including gaining project budget approval or internal business reviews.
  • Identifying market trends, both over long timescales and in the present to build long-term strategies while being able to react to current events. A great example of this is my execution of SUMMIT20: A global webinar series to replace Software2’s biannual customer & prospect events.

New projects

  • Conceptualising new digital marketing projects to help keep marketing progressing and demonstrating exponential ROI, Examples as follows:

• SUMMIT20 global webinar series
• Account Based Marketing
• Customer ‘Hall of Fame’ initiative
• Software2 University
• Customer marketing packs, etc

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